Workshops designed to the needs of organizations, teams and individuals, aim to increase self-awareness and develop new skills. Participants learn through sharing, experience and experiments in a safe group environment. In these workshops which focus on the process as much as the content, the participants find their own creative solutions. They are supported with tools and practices to integrate their learning and adapt it to their lives.

Tailor-made workshops:

Workshops on the below topics are designed according to your organisation’s needs. Durations vary from ½ to 2 days.

  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness
  • Effective communication
  • Feedback and feed-forward
  • Coaching skills
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Brainstorming and participative inquiry sessions

Ready-to- go workshops:

Constant change, technology, political and economic uncertainty, high expectations and limited resources create stress and anxiety in our lives. Organisations expect people to reach difficult targets with low cost, smaller teams under time pressure. Your approach to the fast changing world and your change management skills determine your succes and happiness.

In our daily lives , we are constantly in communication with ourselves and the outer world. From time to time, we find ourselves in difficult conversations. Conflict and misunderstanding is unavoidable. Managing conflict at work and in your personal life will result in motivation, peacefull relationships and high performance.